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has a Ph.D. in sociology from Duke University and more than fifteen years' experience in teaching and research. Helping parents solve their kids eating problems is Dina's life work. She offers parents the relief they need: practical, research-based strategies so they can stop struggling and start succeeding. In addition to her own blog,, Dina writes for The Huffington Post and Psychology Today.


Struggle-Free Holidays: Keeping your Kids' Nutrition Intact
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You work hard to instill your kids with healthy eating habits. Then the holidays roll in - along with the candies, cakes, pies, processed foods, and doting relatives – undoing all your hard work in a matter of meals! So, how can you survive the holiday season with your kids’ eating habits – and your sanity– intact? Dina Rose, Ph.D., will show you how in this eye-opening lecture. She’ll explain why being the “sugar police” can often backfire, and how to diplomatically manage grandparents and others who want to “spoil” your kids with food. She’ll also share tips for traveling and empowering kids to learn to manage their own sugar intake. You’ll leave class armed with an individualized action plan to help your entire family enjoy the holidays with less fighting, guilt and struggle – not to mention, junk food!

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Instructor: Dina Rose, Ph.D.

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