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Andrea Candee is a certified master herbalist, holistic health consultant, and the author of Gentle Healing for Baby and Child….A Parent’s Guide. She teaches and lectures at education centers and the New York Botanical Gardens and specializes in Lyme Disease. Andrea has created and hosted the TV and radio shows: The Healing Power of Herbs and Revealing Secrets for Mind and Body. Her website is



The Healing Kitchen - Your Natural Pharmacy

When it came to the healing arts, maybe great grandmother was wiser than we thought.  She was self-reliant, knew how to make use of what was around her, and so can you! Join Master Herbalist, Andrea Candee, as she discusses transforming the contents of your kitchen's pantry into a natural pharmacy. Using common fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, learn how to create remedies that are safe, natural and effective. Gain new respect for the humble onion, the overripe banana, garlic, cayenne pepper, ginger, cabbage, and various herbs like parsley, sage, goldenseal, to name just a few.  A simple visit to your local greengrocer, health food store or supermarket will provide you with everything you need to heal sprains, bruises, joint pain, insect bites, bleeding cuts, headaches, constipation, and enhance or detoxify your immune system.


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Instructor: Andrea Candee
  • Sunday, June 8, 10:30 am - 12:30 pm
    Space AvailableClass Code: 92_SS14

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