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Hideyo Yamada, a graduate of the CTP and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, is a holistic health counselor specializing in vegan and gluten-free cuisine. She is a trained sushi chef from Japan and has worked in many high-end restaurants in NYC. Hideyo is also a part-time instructor in the CTP. Her website is



Health-Supportive Cooking & Specialty Classes / Seafood

The Zen of Fish Cookery
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Tonight Hideyo Yamada wears all her hats - sushi chef, pastry chef, health counselor - to prepare healthy Japanese-inspired fish dishes using land and sea vegetables complemented with perfectly prepared brown rice. She will demonstrate how to clean, cut, cure, and use proper techniques for fish preparation. You'll discover the health-giving properties of authentic ingredients like miso and shiso, and learn how to create a very unique vegan ice cream. Baked Miso-Glazed Spanish Mackerel with Fingerling Potatoes and Steamed Kale • Teriyaki Wild Salmon with Sesame-Flavored Baby Bok Choy • Sashimi Black Sea Bass and Squid Carpaccio with Mizuna and Shiso Vinaigrette • Sake-Steamed Porgy with Mushrooms and Turnips • Monkfish-Kimchi Nabe with Wakame, Daikon and Tofu • Pan-Fried Skate with Sautéed Snow Peas, Nappa Cabbage, and Dried Shiitake Mushrooms • Perfect Brown Rice • Hojicha Coconut-Bean Ice Cream. (Fish and sake. This class is gluten free.)

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Instructor: Hideyo Yamada

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