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Stefania Patinella is a graduate of the NGCTP.  In 2005, she was awarded a Fulbright fellowship for a food and farming project in Italy, where she worked on family farms from Sicily to the Alps to learn about sustainability; vegetable, olive and herb cultivation; artisanal cheese making; food canning and preservation; pasta making; and traditional bread-making. She is Director of Food and Nutrition programs at The Children's Aid Society in NYC where she creates and runs Go!Healthy, a healthy eating and cooking program for disadvantaged children and families.

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Summer in a Jar: The Time-Honored Art of Canning & Preserving

Whether your bumper crop comes to you via a CSA share, the farmers' market, your own garden or anywhere else, now you can revel in the taste of summer all year long. Here's your chance to learn how to can and preserve (or "put up") fruits and vegetables the way our ancestors did. Stefania will show you how simple and safe it can be to pickle vegetables, make wonderful jams and fruit sauce, and can fruit and classic chopped tomatoes with herbs. We'll even cook up some pasta to enjoy with our fresh tomato sauce. You'll take home recipes, a jar of preserves to start your own canning pantry, and a world of ideas for putting your new skills to work. Chopped Tomatoes with Basil • Pears in their Own Juices • Plum Jam • Pear and Raspberry Sauce • Dilly Green Beans • Mexican Hot and Sweet Pickled Peppers • Pasta with Fresh Tomato-Basil Sauce • Pickled Pepper Tasting. (Vegan; optional dairy)

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Instructor: Stefania Patinella

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