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Peter Berley is a chef, author of three cookbooks, and culinary instructor. Peter’s foremost concern is the development of local sustainable food systems and the fate of home cooking in America. He is the owner of The North Fork Kitchen and Garden, a culinary studio where he teaches intensive cooking and wood-fired bread baking workshops. Peter is the former executive chef of Angelica Kitchen in NYC. He has contributed to many magazines such as Edible Brooklyn, Food and Wine, Bon Appetit, and Everyday with Rachel Ray. His groundbreaking The Modern Vegetarian Kitchen received both James Beard and IACP awards. His second book Fresh Food Fast was chosen as one of the 25 Best of 2005 by Food and Wine magazine. His website is


Health-Supportive Cooking & Specialty Classes / Fermentations

The Miracle of Lacto-Fermentation

The miraculous process of lacto-fermentation converts mere cabbage to sauerkraut, upgrades simple dairy to luscious crème fraîche, and puts the wow factor into sourdough bread. Lacto-fermented foods are imbued with an irresistible zing and enhanced nutritional benefits. Medical research has shown they support the immune system, stimulate digestion, detoxify the intestines, and help normalize cell respiration. Join Peter to practice traditional fermentation techniques, enjoy some of his own handcrafted fermented foods, and take home his wild-cultured sourdough starter to start your own bread at home. Brined Root Vegetables with Ginger• Pickled Garlic • Kimchee • Sauerkraut with Caraway and Juniper• Red Cabbage and Apple Kraut • Spicy Pickled Turnips and Turnip Greens • Sourdough Boule • Buttermilk •Crème Fraîche • Crème Fraîche and Raw Honey Ice Cream. (Organic dairy)

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Instructor: Peter Berley

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