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Mamie Nishide is a graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education and trained at Le Bernardin and Country Living Magazine. Her company does private cooking classes and catering at private houses and corporate offices.  Mamie also does recipe testing and development as well as food styling for various magazines and corporations. She is a certified sake sommelier, approved by the Sake Service Institute in Japan. Her companies are and




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Vegetarian Sushi--Roll Your Own

Aside from its pleasing balance of flavors, textures and fresh ingredients, good sushi impresses us as a marvel of construction and presentation. Here's your opportunity to learn to make it at home. With Mamie's guidance, you will make inside-out rolls, Inari-zushi and hand rolls using fresh vegetables and other authentic Japanese ingredients such as gourd (Japanese dried winter melon), shiso leaf, pickled plums, and dried shiitake mushrooms. As a special bonus, Mamie will divulge her knowledge of the private language or code sushi restaurant chefs and wait staff share to communicate and calculate the price of your meal. (Vegan; some sake and optional organic eggs will be used.)


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Instructor: Mamie Nishide
  • Thursday, August 7, 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm
    Space AvailableClass Code: 54_SS14

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