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Celine Beitchman is an instructor, private chef and food stylist and holds an advanced certificate from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust. Trained at 3-star restaurants in Paris and New York, she honed her culinary skills in high-end catering establishments, retail food stores, natural food restaurants, bakeries, and private clubs. Celine has food styled for network TV, film and print publications. She is an instructor in the CTP and is committed to promoting sustainable health supportive food, passionate about whole foods cooking, and loves training and encouraging the next generation of chefs.


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Gluten-Free Southeast Asian Cocktail Party
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Tonight Chef Celine invites you on a meandering journey through Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia. First, she’ll give an overview of the various flavors, ingredients and recipes that distinguish each region’s cuisine; then you’ll help create a full array of “small plates,” treats, and regional libations. In addition to sharing useful culinary tips she learned during her extensive travels across Southeast Asia, Celine will also disclose her stress-free party-prep secrets. You’ll leave inspired to host your own cocktail party. Gingered Rice Sips • Bahn Mi Sandwiches • Rice Paper Summer Rolls • Hanoi Cabbage Spring Rolls • Saigon Sweet Potato Potstickers • Chicken Satay • Thai-Style Fish Cakes • Shrimp-Stuffed Lemongrass • Tropical Fruit Skewers • Fried Bananas. (Fish and organic chicken will be used; gluten-free beer/alcohol will be served.)

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Instructor: Celine Beitchman

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