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Annmarie Cantrell, M.Ed., has worked with special needs children for the last 20 years. After graduating from the NGIHCA, she began assisting families of children with special needs in implementing diet changes to promote healing. Annmarie has developed Food for HOPE - Healthy Options for Picky Eaters - a step by step process that is used to encourage children to eat REAL food. She conducts workshops, cooking classes and “Cooking Circles,” and teaches extensively on the principles of the Weston A. Price Foundation, the Body Ecology Diet and the GAPS diet. Annmarie also runs weeklong cooking camps for children 5 and older on her farm in PA., setting the foundations for healthy eating habits. Her website is


Food For Thought: Nutrition Revelations
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With so much nutrition information at hand—from extreme diets to government-mandated dietary guidelines—figuring out the healthiest foods to feed your family can be downright confusing. In this lecture, Annmarie Cantrell will separate fact from fiction. She’ll debunk diet myths and will present studies that support the health benefits of including nutrient-dense, healing foods in the diet, like bone broths and a mix of cooked, raw, and fermented vegetables. Most importantly, you’ll learn how high-quality fats can be particularly beneficial for brain health—important information for anyone dealing with ADD, learning disabilities and even depression. Additional tips on devising family menu plans will help you transition to a nutrient-dense diet. You’ll leave class armed with the facts and an appetite for healthier eating.

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Instructor: Annmarie Cantrell

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