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Hideyo Yamada, a graduate of the CTP and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, is a holistic health counselor specializing in vegan and gluten-free cuisine. She is a trained sushi chef from Japan and has worked in many high-end restaurants in NYC. Hideyo is also a part-time instructor in the CTP. Her website is



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Vegan Sushi...and Beyond
Hands-OnNew Class

Sushi is beloved for its quiet aesthetics and simple, straightforward flavors. Chef Hideyo Yamada raises the sushi bar by infusing traditional maki and rolled foods with dazzling hues, sublime flavors, and a wide variety of health-supportive ingredients. You’ll master the techniques of rolling in nori, rice paper and yuba (bean curd skin), then soar beyond the basics to prepare a variety of traditional and contemporary Japanese rolled foods, including tazuna sushi, which looks like a colorful rope, and the mythical dragon roll, encased in a robe of avocado. Variety of Sushi Rolls including: Inside-Out Roll, Colorful Roll, Dragon Roll and Tazuna Sushi • Frozen Tofu-Stuffed Yuba Bean Curd Roll with Green Amaranth Sauce • Steamed Shumai Dumplings • Romaine-Wrapped Kabocha Pumpkin Roll • Vibrant Summer Roll with Peanut Sauce • Perfect Brown Rice • Chocolate-Banana Mousse with Vanilla Cashew Nut Cream. (Vegan and gluten free; sake will be used.)

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Instructor: Hideyo Yamada
  • Thursday, May 8, 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
    Space AvailableClass Code: 39_SS14

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