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Hideyo Yamada, a graduate of the CTP and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, is a holistic health counselor specializing in vegan and gluten-free cuisine. She is a trained sushi chef from Japan and has worked in many high-end restaurants in NYC. Hideyo is also a part-time instructor in the CTP. Her website is



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Celebrating Osechi: A Vegan Happy New Year
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Japanese New Year, or “Osechi,” is an important holiday that includes a variety of “lucky” foods, like lotus roots, bamboo shoots, Japanese potatoes, and daikon, each with their own special significance. The dishes are artfully arranged in beautiful boxes called jubako, which are only used on this special occasion. Traditional Osechi foods center on meat, fish and eggs, but Japanese native Chef Hideyo will share her healthful vegan and gluten-free take on this seasonal celebration. In addition to explaining the history of Osechi and sharing her delightful recipes, Chef Hideyo will also show you how to craft exquisite garnishes with vegetables – a technique that you’ll find yourself using all year long. Lucky Namasu: Pickled Daikon and Carrots • Datemaki: Eggless Omelet Roll • Nishime: Simmered Bamboo Shoot, Japanese Potatoes, Konnyaku Yam Cake and Lotus Root • Kuri Kinton: Creamy Mashed Japanese Sweet Potato with Chestnuts • Tessen: Fan-Shaped Vegan Loaf • Zoni Mochi Soup: Clear Soup with Vegetables and Broiled Mochi • Anmitsu Parfait: Clear Agar Gel with Sweet Azuki Beans, Homemade Mochi and Fruit. (Vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free; some alcohol. Sake will be served.)

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Instructor: Hideyo Yamada

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