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May (2014) - 25 classes

Date Day Class Code
1 Thursday Health Secrets of a Macrobiotic Kitchen 68_SS14  
2 Friday The Festive Flavors of Cinco de Mayo 38_SS14  
3 Saturday An In-Depth Herb and Spice Workshop 18a_SS14  
5 Monday Healthy Vegetarian Menus for Meatless Monday* 19a_SS14  
8 Thursday Vegan Sushi...and Beyond* 39_SS14  
9 Friday Thai Street Food 40_SS14  
10 Saturday Hormone Myths, Hormone Truths: What Every Woman Must Know 86_SS2014  
10 Saturday Creative Lunchbox Snacks for Kids (Ages 7-11)New Class 12_SS14  
12 Monday What I Wish I Had Known Before Starting My Food Business 88_SS14  
12 Monday Peter's Amazing Seitan Workshop 82_SS14  
12 Monday Basics 2: Knife Skills 2b_SS14  
15 Thursday Oh, Those Last Stubborn Pounds...New Class 87_SS14  
16 Friday Middle Eastern Vegetarian 41_SS14  
17 Saturday Organic Chicken Every Which WayNew Class 72_SS14  
18 Sunday Chinatown: A Food-and-Culture Field Trip 69_SS14  
19 Monday Easy Homemade Gluten-Free Cookies 62_SS14  
19 Monday Breast Cancer: What Everyone Needs to KnowNew Class 89_SS14  
19 Monday Homestyle Chinese Vegetarian Cooking 42_SS14  
21 Wednesday Ethically Sustainable Seafood 77_SS14  
22 Thursday The Art of Baking & Decorating Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Soy-Free CakesNew Recipes 61b_SS14  
23 Friday A Vegetarian Hors d'Oeuvres Party 20_SS14  
28 Wednesday A 3-Day Spectacular Gluten-Free Intensive 63_SS14  
29 Thursday Dramatically Different Vegan & Gluten-Free Desserts 64_SS14  
30 Friday Cracking the Coconut 21a_SS14  
31 Saturday Basics 3: Mostly Vegetarian Cooking Techniques 3a_SS14  

June (2014) - 29 classes

Date Day Class Code
1 Sunday Rock-n-Roll Vegetarian Sushi for Kids (Ages 7-11) 13_SS14  
2 Monday Raw Radiance 73_SS14  
3 Tuesday Strategies for Introducing New Foods to Kids.. So They Will Actually Eat Them 90_SS14  
4 Wednesday A Holistic Approach to Reversing Inflammation 32_SS14  
5 Thursday The Healing Power of SleepNew Class 91_SS14  
5 Thursday The Delectable Dosa: The Art of Making Indian Crepes 43_SS14  
6 Friday Fish in Modern Japanese 78_SS14  
8 Sunday The Healing Kitchen - Your Natural Pharmacy 92_SS14  
8 Sunday Cool Cupcakes for Kids: How to Make & Decorate (Ages 7-11) 14_SS14  
9 Monday Basics 4: Principles of Balance 4a_SS14  
9 Monday The Art of the Asian Stir-Fry 44_SS14  
12 Thursday The Art of Baking & Decorating Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Soy-Free CakesNew Recipes 61c_SS14  
12 Thursday Food and Your Mood 93_SS14  
13 Friday Fabulous Flavors and Foods of Sicily 45_SS14  
14 Saturday Sports Nutrition on a PlateNew Class 22_SS14  
16 Monday Korean Vegetarian Home CookingNew Class 46_SS14  
18 Wednesday Your Liver, Your Health 94_SS14  
19 Thursday Basics 2: Knife Skills 2c_SS14  
19 Thursday From India to Rome Along the Ancient Spice Routes 47_SS14  
20 Friday The Greek-Cypriot Table 48_SS14  
21 Saturday Homemade Baby and Toddler Food - Right from the StartNew Class 23_SS14  
23 Monday Raw and Amazing DessertsNew Recipes 74_SS14  
24 Tuesday Tempeh Temptations 83_SS14  
24 Tuesday How to Launch & Market a Food Product 95_SS14  
25 Wednesday The Basics of Fermentation 31_SS14  
26 Thursday Indian Dhal Demystified 49_SS14  
27 Friday Summer Salad Suppers 24a_SS14  
28 Saturday Basics 1: How to Begin 1b_SS14  
30 Monday International Flatbreads & Perfect AccompanimentsNew Class 8_SS14  

July (2014) - 1 class

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